Public Safety Coordinating Council

Brad King State Attorney
Mike Graves Public Defender
William Hallman III Chief Circuit Judge
  Chief County Judge
Major Steve Binegar Chief Correctional Officer
William Farmer Sheriff
Bradley Arnold Private Provider Misdemeanor Probation
 Carolann Duncan Mental Health Program Supervisor
Jonathan Cherry Lifestream
Cheryl Ridley Workforce Central Florida
Doug Gilpin BOCC Commissioner
Jerry Manesis Consumer of Community-Based Treatment Services
Anna Waring Consumer of Mental Health Services
Tanya McCook Consumer of Substance Abuse Services
Lorna Barker Court Administration
Susan Cizmadia Department of Corrections

Chapter 951.26 Florida Statutes provides that each Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) shall establish a county Public Safety Coordinating Council or shall join a consortium of 1 or more other counties to establish a public safety coordinating council for the geographic area represented by the member counties.