Public Records

Public Records Request

For requests pertaining to the Board of Sumter County Commissioners please submit a Public Records Request by mail, email, phone, or the form here.
  • Mail:
    Leslie Smith, Records Management Liaison Officer
    Public Records Request
    Sumter Board of County Commissioners
    7375 Powell Road, Suite 200
    Wildwood, FL 34785
  • Phone: 352-689-4400
  • Cost per page:
    • $0.15 per page (1-sided)
    • $0.20 per page (2-sided)
A requester is not required to submit their request in writing or in person; nor are they required to disclose the reason for the request. Unless otherwise exempted, a custodian of public records must honor a request for records, whether it is made in person, over the telephone, or in writing, provided the required fees are paid. Additional costs for producing the records may be required if the request is voluminous in nature.  

Additional Information

  • 2013 Florida Statutes - Chapter 119
    Costs and exemptions for public records are in accordance with Florida Statute Chapter 119.
  • Florida Public Records Act
    The Public Records Request Form is provided for your convenience, but is not required. Please include a valid email address, phone number and mailing address with your request.
  • Public Records Request Form
    Under Florida law, any document submitted to Sumter County, including emails and faxes are public records subject to disclosure.
  • Records Retention Schedule
    Sumter County follows the General Records Schedules established by the Florida Department of State in regards to retention requirements. Some records may have met their required retention period for disposition.