Ordinance Highlights

  • County Code 4-6 - Dogs, cats and ferrets at 4 months of age are required to have a county license tag. All dogs, cats, and ferrets must have current rabies vaccinations. Vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian for your pet to be recognized as a vaccinated animal. Get more information.
  • County Code 4-7 - To allow your dog to bark excessively and continuously is in violation of ordinance.
  • County Code 4-10 - All dogs must be confined on the owner's property at all times or under direct control or on a leash when off the owner's property.
  • County Code 4-11 (g)(2) - If your animal is impounded and does not have a current rabies vaccination, you will be required to arrange for a veterinarian to come to the shelter to vaccinate your animal before the animal can leave the shelter.
  • County Code 4-11 (i)(1) - In compliance with F.S. 823.15, all dogs and cats sold or released for adoption from the county animal facility shall sterilized within 30 days.
  • County Code 4-13 - If your dog is tethered, it must be on a tether that is a minimum of 8 feet long and is tangle free and have a sufficient quantity of food and fresh water. Minimum care for confined animals need shelter from the sun, rain, wind and cold.
  • County Code 4-14 - Never leave a pet in an unattended vehicle without sufficient ventilation, which could endanger the well-being of such animal due to heat or lack of water. To commit an act of cruelty on any animal by either omission or intent is in direct violation of the County Code 4-14 and Florida Statute section 828.13.
  • County Code 4-16 - To abandon or dispose of any animal on the property of another person or on any public property is in violation of ordinance.