Lost Pets Tips

Immediately, or as soon as you possibly can, do the following:

1. Begin looking for your pet immediately:

  • Don't wait a few days hoping s/he'll return on his own.
  • Immediately put a sign out in front of your house (If someone finds a pet, they may drive around the area looking for someone looking for a lost pet).
  • If your pet has a microchip, verify the microchip company has your current up to date contact info.
  • Keep your phone near you in case someone calls about your pet.

2. Immediately notify Animal Services at 352-689-4400 and submit online form here with as much identifying information as possible in case your pet is found by Animal Services or another resident.  

3. Check with surrounding rescue agencies, local Humane Societies/SPCAs, and other surrounding county shelters. Many groups are breed specific and some are mixed breed. Notify them that you have lost your pet and ask them to please contact you if they hear of an animal fitting your pet's description. Make a follow up call a week or two later, if you still have not found your pet.

4. Get the word out to as many people as possible by posting flyers, talking to your neighbors, posting to local Facebook groups or on other social media. 

5. Inform your Veterinarian immediately as your pet may be wearing the rabies tag from the Vet's Office.