Planning/Zoning/Development Review Fee Schedule

Application/ServiceAll-Inclusive Fee
Rezoning for Lineal Descent Cases
Rezoning to Planned Commercial/Industrial$1000.00
Rezoning to RPUD, MPD, or RVPUD$1200.00
Land Development Code Amendments$2500.00
Amendments to PUD's$500.00
Minor Modifications$250.00
Variance Request$500.00
After-the-fact Variance Request$1000.00
Land Use
Future Land Use Change Map (Large Scale)$5000.00 map or text
Future Land Use Change Map (Small Scale)$2000.00
Future Land Use Amendment Text only$1000.00
Notice of Proposed Change$1350.00
Substantial Deviation$5000.00
Development Agreement$1000.00
Amendments to the DA$100.00
Community Development District Application$5000.00
Minor Subdivision (No Plat)$125.00
Lot Split$125.00
Plat (shared infrastructure or inside EAC)$1000.00
Plat/Easement Vacations$500.00
Street Vacations$500.00
Conservation Subdivisions$1000.00
Site Development Plan
Minor Development$1000.00
Major Development$2,000.00
Special Uses/Temporary Uses (no definition)
Special Exception Use Permit$500.00
Conditional Use Permit$6000.00
Special Event Permit$100.00
Minor Short Term Temporary Use$25.00
Minor Long Term Temporary Use$125.00
Site Planning
Residential site plan compliance$35.00
Sign Permit$50.00
Billboard Sign Permit
Operating Permits
Operating Permit - Internet Cafe/Adult Arcade$6,000.00
Annual Renewal$6000.00
Annual Monitoring$3500.00
Change of Operator of Existing Operating Permit$250.00
Other Fees
Determination (Letter/Form) Per Parcel per item$25.00
Vested Rights Determination$200.00
LDC Written Determination Request$200.00
Administrative Waiver - Director Determination$200.00
Administrative Waiver - Director Determination after the fact$300.00
Appeals to Interpretation (check LDC)$250.00
Floodplain Determination$50.00
Adult Use
          LDD Director's Determination$50.00
          LDD Director's Determination After-the-Fact$100.00
Final Decision at Planning Board$250.00
Community Residential Home for AHCA$25.00
Time Extension of Approved Master Plans$25.00
Alcohol Beverage License Fee$100.00
Research Per Hour$35.00