When is a Building Permit Required?


 Section 105 of the Florida Building Code requires permits for most construction-related work. Various improvements of real property may not require a building permit. The work exempted must be performed in accordance with minimum code standards. The following table should help clarify the Building Department’s current permit requirements.


A/C – Replace window unit, electrical outlet existingPainting
Awnings 9 sq. feet or lessPavers – sand set, not part of a pool/spa deck
Ceiling Fan – Replacement using existing outlet box and wiringPergolas/Arbors – 120 square feet and under and self supporting
Ceramic Tile – Replace on floor and wall (Non-Fire rated)Playground equipment
Dishwasher – Replacement within a dwelling unitPool/spa – manufactured, less than 24 inches deep
Door – Replace any interior residential door within the individual unit.Roof – Repair existing roof covering less than 100 square feet 
Concrete flatwork
Sheds under 100 Sq. ft.
Drywall walls (Non-Fire Related)
Screening front entrance - Up to 100 sq. ft of screen
Faucet or water closet – Replace
Siding – Repair under 20 sq feet
Fence – Repair or replace, except pool barrier         New block fence 2' or less of other fences 6' or less
Sink – Replace only
Gutter and Leaders
Soffit or Fascia – Repair under $1,000. Not including structural members
Kitchen cabinet replacement only, with no change in configuration of electrical or plumbing
Stucco – Repair stucco finish
Light Fixture, switch, outlet – Replace “like for like” in existing box
Solar tubes without electric
Low voltage wiring for residential
Window Repair 
Flag Poles under 12 feet tall
Wood deck – Repair of decking not including structural members, and, decks fewer than 100 square feet AND under 30 inches high. 

Water heater change outs if same type and same location

 This table is a concise guide to Sumter County Building Department Policies, Florida Statutes (489.103 9[a+b]), and the Florida Building Codes.