Lineal Transfer Regulations

  • The lineal transfer is limited to direct lineal descendants/ascendants (grandparent, parent, stepparent, adopted parent, child, stepchild, adopted child, or grandchild). 
  • Lineal transfers are only allowed on parcels the grantor has owned and homesteaded for at least 5 years prior to the transfer. This provision does not apply to property owned on September 30, 2006. 
  •  A building permit can only be issued to or on behalf of the grantee for a lineal transferred parcel for a period of 3 years after the transfer. 
  • Only one parcel per family member may be transferred; maximum number of lineal transfers from a parent tract is 6; No lineal transfer to any family member under the age of 18. 
  • The minimum parcel size created or remaining in an Agricultural future land use area is 2 acres. Other land use areas are the minimum size for the future land use district (i.e. Rural Residential – 1 acre, etc.) 
  • Must front on a paved private road, publicly maintained road, or public easement. If a private easement is required to gain access to the parcel, it must be a minimum of 50 feet in width. 
  • Flag lots are only permitted on parcels 10 acres or greater within the Agricultural Future Land Use. 
  • Does not apply to lots in platted subdivisions.   
  • Requires specific language on face of deed as follows:
"This conveyance creates a family exemption parcel which is subject to all regulations and restrictions as set forth in section 13-412(a)(1) of the Sumter County Code."

Please direct any questions regarding the lineal transfer regulations to: Sumter County Development Services, (352) 689-4400.

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