Budget Calendar

Sumter County Board of County Commissioners
Budget Calendar
Fiscal Year 2022/2023
JanuaryObtain budget access list from Department Heads and set up roles in GovMax.OMB
FebruaryBudget calendar, requirements and assumptions provided to departments and other agenciesOMB
FebruaryDepartment budget entry training in GovMaxDepartment Heads, OMB
FebruaryGovMax budget entry activated for departmentsDepartment Heads, OMB
March - April Departments enter budget requests in GovMaxDepartment Heads, OMB
May 3Budgets & CIP documents are due from Department Heads, Villages Center Community Development District (VCCDD), other agencies & Constitutional Officers (CO), except Property Appraiser (PA) Department Heads, CO less PA, VCCDD, agencies,  OMBSection 129.03(2) Florida Statutes
May 17Department budget entry access removed from GovMaxOMB
May - JuneOMB and CA reviews department budgets and meets with departments as needed. OMB
June 1PA submits budget to the County Administrator CA, PASection 195.087
No later than June 1Florida Statutes
June 28Final budget updates entered in GovMaxOMB
July 1PA certifies assessment of all property values on DR-420, DR-TIFPASection 200.065(1)
Florida Statutes
July 2Proposed Budget to CACA, OMB
July 8Proposed Budget distributed to BOCCOMB
July 12 & 13BOCC WorkshopBOCC, CA, CO, OMBSections 129.03(3) and 200.065(2)(b)
July 13 – BOCC budgetsFlorida Statutes
July 14 – CO budgets
July 15FY 21/22 budget due from North Sumter County Utility Dependent District (NSCUDD)CA, OMBSumter County Ordinance Sec. 22-23
July 20BOCC sets Fire MSBU annual rateBOCC
July 21Submit Fire MSBU annual rate to PAOMB, PA
July 28NSCUDD budget to BOCC for approval unless NSCUDD seeks to levy a property tax at which time the approval becomes part of the normal BOCC millage and budget public hearing processBOCC, CA, OMBSumter County Ordinance Sec. 22
July 30Project carry forwards due to OMBDepartment Heads, OMB
August 2CA certifies DR-420, DR-420MMP, and DR-TIF TRIM forms CA, OMBSection 200.065(2)(b)
No later than 35 days from PA certificationFlorida Statutes
August 23
 No later than 55 days from PA certification
PA mails out the TRIM Notice to each taxpayer listed on the current year assessment rollPASections 200.065(2)(b) and 200.069
 Florida Statutes
September 13
65 - 80 days from PA certification
First Public Hearing for adoption of Tentative Budget and Millage Rate BOCC, CASection 200.065(2)(c)
 Florida Statutes
September 24Advertise final millage and budget hearing within 15 days of adopting tentative budgetOMBSection 200.065(2)(d) Florida Statutes
September 27
Within 2 - 5 days of advertisement
Final Public hearing for adoption of Final Budget and Millage Rate (after regular BOCC meeting)BOCCSections 129.03(2)(c-e) Florida Statutes
October 1
Within 3 days of Final Hearing
Last day to notify the PA, TC, TRIM of Final Millage Rates via DR-422 (E-TRIM)OMBSections 200.065(4) Florida Statutes
October 15Last day to submit final budget and county's economic status to the Office of Economic and Demographic Research. OMBSection 129.03 (3)(d) Florida Statutes
October 29
Within 30 days of Final Hearing
TRIM Compliance Package to FL Dept. of Revenue; Final adopted budget posted on websiteOMBSections 200.065(2)(d) Florida Statutes