Barking Dog Log

What to Do in Case of Nuisance Barking Dogs


If you encounter a public nuisance animal that is unreasonably and continually barking, howling or whining, Sumter County has a protocol to follow to help address the problem.


A public nuisance animal is considered any dog that makes excessive noises that cause unreasonable annoyance, disturbance or discomfort to the neighbors. This includes but is not limited to continued or repeated howling, barking or whining, without provocation, with the exception of dogs housed at animal care establishments.


In addition, it does not apply to animals on land zoned for agricultural purposes, guide dogs for the blind, hunting dogs, competition or working dogs in the process of being trained or worked.


If a noise violation occurs, it must be documented by at least two separate residences within 1,000 feet of the dog’s location keeping their own Barking Log. The Barking Log must contain documentation of the times and dates of such nuisances. It is important to note that the Barking Log must be notarized and submitted to Sumter County Animal Services in person or via email. 


An Animal Control Officer can also witness a nuisance violation to determine if there is probable cause that a violation occurred via the Barking Logs.

Barking logs can be obtained by clicking link here or you can begin the process by calling Sumter County at 352-689-4400.