PulsePoint FAQs

PulsePoint AED Community Information FAQs

The chain of survival is only as strong as we make it, and the chain in Sumter County is growing stronger by the day. We are creating a culture of action in our communities!

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time, but PulsePoint Respond empowers CPR-trained citizens to help improve patient outcomes and save lives by reducing collapse-to-CPR and collapse-to-defibrillation times. When citizens are more aware of and engaged with the health of their community, they become better partners with our public safety agencies and a stronger link of response efforts.

For extremely time-sensitive emergencies like cardiac arrest, notifying community first responders that are in the immediate vicinity of an event, simultaneously with a conventional Fire/EMS response, offers the potential to improve outcomes. By expanding situational awareness beyond the purview of a traditional witnessed arrest radius, the opportunity to instantly draw skilled individuals, including off-duty healthcare professionals, grows, enabling critical life-sustaining BLS interventions to begin sooner and more often and potentially of higher quality.

PulsePoint was launched in Sumter County in 2015 and was originally designed to address public areas only. In 2019, PulsePoint launched the Registered CPR Responder to address cardiac arrest emergencies at private addresses.