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Free Downloadable Maps

The following GIS Data is available for download in shapefile (SHP) and/or PDF format. For shapefiles, click SHP to download a compressed ZIP file, then right-click the file and extract to retrieve data in shapefile format.

Important Information - Please Read Carefully

These downloadable maps were prepared from a Geographic Information System established by the Sumter County GIS Department. The Sumter County GIS Department, its employees, agents, and personnel, make no warranty to the data's accuracy, and in particular its accuracy as to labeling, dimensions, contours, flood information, property boundaries or placement or location of any map features thereon.

The Sumter County GIS Department, its employees, agents and personnel make no warranty of merchantability or warranty for fitness of a use for a particular purpose expressed or implied with respect to this map product.

Independent verification of all data contained in any of these layers should be obtained by any user of the data.

Downloadable Files:

  • Address Points: SHP
    Address Points for Sumter County
  • City Boundaries: SHP
    Municipal Boundaries within Sumter County
  • Commission Districts: Interactive Map | SHP
    Commissioner Districts for Sumter County
  • County Boundary: SHP
    Boundary of Sumter County
  • County Parks: PDF | SHP
    Sumter County Parks
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM): PDF
    Digital Elevation Map of Sumter County
  • FEMA Flood Zones: SHP
    Certain Features of Flood Insurance Rate maps published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Fire Stations: SHP
    Fire Stations (Existing and Proposed)
  • Future Land Use: SHP
    Future Land Use Map for Sumter County
  • Lakes: SHP
    Hydrological Features from the USGS 1:24,000 DLG's
  • Parcels: SHP
    Sumter County Parcels maintained by the Property Appraiser
  • Roads: SHP
    Street center lines including address ranges for Sumter County
  • Sections: SHP
    Section / Township / Range Map for Sumter County
  • Signal Maps: County
    Signal Maps for the County and for the Villages
  • Urban Development Boundary: SHP
    Layer intended to show urban type use and where development is encouraged
  • City of Bushnell-Sumter County Joint Planning Area Land Uses: PDF
    Area and land uses agreed upon by Bushnell and Sumter County
  • County Wall Maps: Countywide | Villages
    Two wall maps, one of all of Sumter County and one of the Villages' DRI only
  • Zoning: SHP
    Sumter County Zoning Layer

Tools & Downloads

The above maps are accessible by the following tools:
  • Shapefiles (SHP) are a popular data format for use in GIS software. If you do not have access to ArcGIS, shapefiles can be viewed with ArcReader
  • Personal Geodatabases (MDB) are a common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS
  • The PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Reader