Eligibility & Limitations


Applicants must submit a completed application for determination of income eligibility. Assistance will only be provided for the purchase of homes that will be owner-occupied and used as the primary residence. Mobile, manufactured, and modular homes are not eligible for assistance. Prospective Homebuyers must qualify as a First Time Homebuyer under the HUD definition, which is listed in the Local Housing Assistance Plan. Applicants must secure a first mortgage with a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan. The county will only take the second mortgage position.

To be eligible, you must also be at or below the following Moderate Income levels:

  • One (1) Person: $66,960
  • Two (2) Persons: $76,560
  • Three (3) Persons: $86,160
  • Four (4) Persons: $95,640
  • Five (5) Persons: $103,320
  • Six (6) Persons: $111,000
  • Seven (7) Persons: $118,680
  • Eight (8) Persons: $126,360


Recipients of Purchase Assistance without Rehabilitation will not be eligible for any other SHIP assistance for a period of twenty years and only if the outstanding balance is paid, except for a disaster.

Florida Housing Finance Corporation regulates the purchase price limit for the SHIP program (Maximum purchase price - $349,525.80