Chemical Applications


Chemical treatment for adult mosquitoes is the most visible form of mosquito control. In Florida, both ground and aerial applications are common vector suppression methods during months where mosquito activity can impact the quality of life and public health. All adulticide chemicals applied by our program are EPA-approved and applied within the legal label rates. If you would like more information regarding the types of chemicals we use, please contact the Mosquito Control Office and request to speak with a Supervisor.

Larvaciding is a general term for the process of killing juvenile mosquitoes while in their aquatic life stages (larvae and pupae - usually lasting between 7-10 days). Larvicide treatments can be applied from either ground or air in accordance with provisions of the Florida Pesticide Law.

Contact pesticides, surface control agents, stomach toxins, and natural agents such as target-specific bacterium and natural predators are being used in Sumter County. Larviciding is a safe and effective control measure when breeding habitat remediation is not an option.