Sumter County Building Services Fee Schedule

Administrative Fees

Fee TypeFee
a) Processing Fee for All Permits$20.00
b) Change Primary Contract$45.00
c) Change Secondary Contractor$30.00
d) Replacement Inspection Placard$8.00
e) Fax Back Long Distance$3.00
f) Copy Construction Plans (sent out to be copied)Actual Cost
g) Copy Documents In-House)Actual Cost
h) Returned Check Process Fee$30.00
i) Building Prior to Acquiring PermitsWhichever is greater: double the permit fee or standard permit fee + $150.00

State Required Fees

Fee TypeFee
a) Processing Fee for All Permits1.5% of permit fee ($2.00 minimum)
b) State of Florida Building Code Administrators1.0% of permit fee ($2.00 minimum)

Plan Review Fees

Fee TypeFee
a) Plan Review (Commercial & Large Residence Application)
1) Minimum fee up to 1 hour
2) Each additional 30 minutes
$49.00/half hour
b) Master Plans
1) Single Family Dwelling (SFD)
2) Pools
3) Accessory Structure
4) Miscellaneous detail

Inspection Fees

Fee TypeFee
a) Inspection (Partial, Consultation, and Re-Inspection)$68.00
b) Special Inspections (1 Hour Minimum)$98.00/per hour
c) Prearranged Weekend, Holiday, and After Hours
Inspections (3 Hours Minimum)

Permit Renewal Fees

Fee TypeFee
a) Permit Extension 1-90 Days/Expired permits - 180 days after issuance and permit has expired
No Inspections Completed
100% Fee
¼ Inspections Completed
75% Fee
½ Inspections Completed
50% Fee
¾ Inspections Completed
25% Fee

Note: Re-inspections will generate an inspection fee which must be paid prior to requesting final inspection.

Minimum fees based on administrative, plan review, inspections, and staff processing.

Any permit fees not specifically listed within this fee schedule will be determined by the Building Official or his designees based on similar or equivalent permit types.

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card payments are accepted for online permits. 

Please contact Steve Wilcox with any questions.