Road Impact Fee Schedules

The Board of County Commissioners adopted a revised Road Impact Fee Ordinance.

Please note: The ordinance imposes impact fees for alteration, expansion, or replacement of a building or dwelling unit or the construction of an accessory building or structure if the alteration, expansion, or replacement results in a land use determined to generate greater external trips than the present use under the applicable road impact fee rate. Impact fees are charged at the proposed land use category rate less the road impact fee land category prior to the alteration, expansion, or replacement. 
  1. Current Road Impact Fees


Effective 10/1/2020


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
210Single Family (Detached)Du$2,666
220Multi-Family Housing (Low-Rise, 1-2 floors)Du$1,911
221Multi-Family Housing (Mid-Rise, 3-10 floors)Du$1,419
222Multi-Family Housing (High-Rise, >10 floors)Du$1,166
240Mobile Home ParkDu$979
251Retirement Community (detached)Du$972
252Retirement Community (attached)Du$552


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
411Public ParkAcre$187
416Campground/RV ParkSite$382
420MarinaBoat Berth$741
430Golf CourseHole$9,323
437Bowling AlleyLane$3,085
444Movie TheaterScreen$11,153
492Health/Fitness Club1,000 sf$8,560
n/aIndoor Shooting Range (Range ONLY)1,000 sf$476
n/aPlace of Assembly/Union Hall1,000 sf$6,848


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
520Elementary School (Private)Student$250
522Middle/Junior High School (Private)Student$284
530High School (Private)Student$304
540/550University/Junior College (7,500 or fewer students) (Private)Student$616
University/Junior College (more than 7,500 students) (Private)Student$457
560Church1,000 sf$1,246
565Day Care Center1,000 sf$3,638


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
610Hospital1,000 sf$2,848
620Nursing HomeBed$350
630Clinic1,000 sf$9,102
640Veterinary Clinic1,000 sf$1,586


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
710General Office1,000 sf$2,367
720Medical Office/Clinic 10,000 sq ft or less1,000 sf$6,042
Medical Office/Clinic greater than 10,000 sq ft1,000 sf$8,652


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
812Building Materials and Lumber Store1,000 sf$4,309
813Discount Superstore1,000 sf$4,074
815Discount Store, Free-Standing1,000 sf$3,752
816Hardware/Paint Store1,000 sf$472
817Nursery (Garden Center)1,000 sf$3,508
820Retail1,000 sfgla$3,774
823Factory Outlet Center1,000 sf$2,019
840/841New/Used Auto Sales1,000 sf$4,563
843Automobile Parts Sales1,000 sf$10,283
848Tire Store1,000 sf$3,775
849Tire Superstore1,000 sf$2,696
850Supermarket1,000 sf$6,152
851Convenience Market (24 hour)1,000 sf$22,333
857Discount Club1,000 sf$3,356
860Wholesale Market1,000 sf$1,415
862Home Improvement Superstore1,000 sf$2,334
863Electronics Superstore1,000 sf$2,117
876Apparel Store1,000 sf$3,419
880/881Pharmacy with & without Drive-Thru1,000 sf$3,441
890Furniture Store1,000 sf$1,065


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
911Bank/Savings Walk-In1,000 sf$3,362
912Bank/Savings Drive-In1,000 sf$5,805
925Bar/Nightclub1,000 sf$5,853
931Low-Turnover Restaurant1,000 sf$10,503
932High-Turnover Restaurant1,000 sf$12,082
934Fast Food Restaurant w/Drive-Thru1,000 sf$28,394
941Quick LubeService Bay$5,294
942Automobile Care Center1,000 sf$3,733
944Gas Station w/Convenience Market <2,000 sq ftFuel Pos.$3,703
945Gas Station w/Convenience Market 2,000-2,999 sq ftFuel Pos.$4,418
960Gas Station w/Convenience Market 3,000+ sq ftFuel Pos.$4,962
947Self-Service Car WashService Bay$3,235
948Automated Car Wash1,000 sf$10,453


ITE LUCLand UseUnitFee
110General Light Industrial1,000 sf$1,204
130Industrial Park1,000 sf$818
140Manufacturing1,000 sf$956
150Warehousing1,000 sf$426
151Mini-Warehouse1,000 sf$244
154High-Cube Transload & Short-Term Storage Warehouse1,000 sf$342