Special Needs Information

shelter1.jpgIf you have special needs, or are caring for someone with special needs, it is good to think about preparing for a hurricane or other disaster well in advance.

Special Needs Defined
Do you or someone you take care of require oxygen, tube feeding, dialysis, or other life sustaining equipment? Will you need a wheelchair, walker, a special bed, or special toilet items? If you have to evacuate, will you need transportation? Will you require a special needs shelter? Think about what your special needs will be should you be involved in a disaster.

Persons with special needs are encouraged to submit a Special Needs Registration Form to Emergency Management or go on line and register at https:/ /snr.floridadisaster.org. When Emergency Management receives the form, it is evaluated by the guidelines set by the Sumter County Department of Health. Make sure you explain your special needs clearly when registering, as this may affect how your placement or alternative arrangements during an emergency. 

Please note that registering for the Sumter County Special Needs Program does not guarantee acceptance.

A person that may need medical assistance by his or her caregiver may be assigned to one of the special needs shelters in Sumter County. Unless there is a significant medical condition, most individuals on oxygen will be encouraged to make plans to go to the Wildwood Community Center. While all general population shelters will accept oxygen, this shelter has a back up power supply.

Download the Special Needs Registration Form. Please submit the completed form to:
Emergency Management
7375 Powell Road
Wildwood, FL 34785

Any person who submits a Special Needs Registration Form may be contacted by a member of Emergency Management or the Department of Health, to follow up.