Office of Management and Budget

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FY 2018-2019 Budget Preparation Resources

        Budget Regulatory Documents
        Budget Preparation Guide
        Capital Improvement Project Request

Budget Resources

        Annual Budget Reports
        Budget Modification Approval Form (County Administrator approved 6/11/18)
        Budget Modification Approval Form Guide
        Budget Modification - How To Print Comments Guide

Cash Handling Resources

       Cash Handling Policy (BOCC approved 9/27/16)
        Cash Handling Policy Training

Deposit Procedures Resources
       Deposit Procedures (County Administrator approved 11/14/16)
        Deposit Procedures Training

        Cash Count Worksheet
Cash Count - Additional Checks Worksheet

        Checklist for Deposit Procedures
Checklist for Safe Procedures

   Courier Deposit Log
        Incoming Checks Log
        Safe Combination Authorization List
        Safe Control Log

Inventory (Surplus, Transfer, and Disposal)

        Inventory Transaction Form
        Standard Operating Procedures
        Vehicle & Equipment Information Form
        Vendor's website (George Gideon Auctioneers)

Other Resources

        Interdepartmental Reimbursement Form
        Sumter County BOCC Certificates of Insurance
        Sumter County Donation Policy

        Tax Exempt Certificate 
        W-9 Form

Grant Administration Resources

Invoice Prompt Payment Resources

Travel Resources

Forms A-Z (Coming soon)