Code Enforcement


Sumter County Code Enforcement serves the unincorporated areas, Center Hill, Coleman, and Webster. Sumter County Code Enforcement serves the City of Wildwood with building without a permit and unsafe structures. 

Sumter County Code Enforcement inspects complaints regarding: trash and debris, herbaceous overgrowth, non-permitted residential uses, inoperable vehicles, building without a permit, business operations in residential areas, unsafe structures, and excessive animals in residential areas

Code Enforcement Process

 Steps  Action  Approximate
Step 1 The Code Enforcement Process starts with a code enforcement complaint
Step 2   Initial Inspection  
Step 3  Courtesy Notice of Violation (CNV) Mailed  
 Step 4
 Schedule CNV Inpection Within 2 weeks of CNV Mailing
 Step 5  Issue Notice of Violation (NOV)  
 Step 6  Schedule NOV Inspection Within 2 weeks of NOV Mailing
 Step 7  Schedule for Special Master Hearing  
 Step 8 Prepare Request for Hearing, Notice of Hearing, Proof of Notice, and Notice Plaque. Mail Notice. Must be post-marked 30 days prior to hearing
 Step 9  Schedule Inspections for Posting Hearing Info and Pre-Hearing Photos 10 days prior to the hearing
 Step 10  Special Master Hearing  
 Step 11 Prepare and mail Special Master's Final Orders and Schedule Hearing Inspection for Compliance  
 Step 12  Hearing Inspection  
 Step 13  Issue Affidavit of Non-Compliance/Compliance  
 Step 14  Schedule Lien Inspection 21 days after Affidavit of Non-Compliance
 Step 15  Schedule Foreclosure Inspection  Non-homesteaded property, 90 days after lien recorded
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