Public Surplus Auction

Assets that are no longer utilized by Sumter County government for their original purpose are offered to all County departments and local governmental agencies. Occasionally these assets remain unclaimed. If an unclaimed asset has remaining life or value, the asset is sold in a public auction by George Gideon Auctioneers, the County's public auction vendor. Auctions can be conducted either live or online at the discretion of the auction vendor. Please visit the George Gideon Auctioneers website for information related to scheduled live auctions. View assets currently available via online auction

Terms of Sale

All items are SOLD AS IS, and Sumter County does not guarantee that items will be operational at the time of sale. Sumter County does not provide maintenance/repair records. All inquiries, site visits, payments, and scheduling are handled by George Gideon Auctioneers. Contact information for George Gideon Auctioneers is as follows:

Physical Address: 2753 N. Hwy 441, Zellwood, FL 32798
Mailing Address: PO Box 1179, Zellwood, FL 32798-1179
Phone: (407) 886-2211
Fax: (407) 886-2248
Email George Gideon Auctioneers