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Sumter County Planning and Zoning Special Master
January 6, 2020, 6 P.M
Everglades Recreation Center, 5497 Marsh Bend Trl., The Villages, FL


S2019-0013 - Tyla Rattray for TBA LLC

General  Location:

Center Hill area – North side of CR 702, adjacent to Lake County line

Requested Action:

A minor special use permit to allow the construction and use of a private motocross track.


S2019-0014 - Nathan Thomas Love

General  Location:

Bushnell area – East side of CR 671, 0.4 miles north of CR 673.

Requested Action:

A minor special use permit to allow a machining shop as a home occupation.


R2019-0035 - Roland and Patricia Gardella

General  Location:

Wildwood area – Northeast corner of the intersection of SR 44 and C-44A.

Requested Action:

Recommendation to the BOCC on rezoning 1.2 acres MOL from Industrial to Neighborhood Commercial.


SS2019-0014- Ronnie Bailey Jr

General Location :

Wildwood Area – Southeast corner of NE 77th Road and CR 217


Requested action:

Recommendation to the BOCC to change the Future Land Use assignment on 13.4 acres from commercial to agricultural