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January 8, 2021 2:39 PM

COVID-19 Vaccination Events

COVID-19 Vaccination Events

Those interested in vaccination are urged to check the Health Department Website frequently for updates and announcements.

Below is an update from the Sumter County Health Department on 1/21/2021:
The purpose of this memo is to provide you an update concerning the COVID-19 vaccine situation in Sumter County and outline the next steps forward.

As many of you know, the mass vaccination effort conducted by Global Medical Response (GMR) was suspended on January 16th due to a shortage of vaccines. Since that time, the health department has been in contact with GMR and has received from them a list of persons that were appointed but did not receive vaccination. Additionally, the health department received 1,000 doses to vaccinate the public that can be applied to service this list.

Therefore, the plan for these 1,000 doses is to appoint those remaining people who received an appointment for Saturday afternoon (1/16) by GMR but were not vaccinated as well as to begin appointment for persons who were scheduled for vaccination on the early morning of 1/17. The health department will call these individuals to schedule these appointments which will be spaced out over three days; January 22nd, 25th and 27th 2021.

Beyond this, as additional doses are received by the health department from the State of Florida, I will continue to vaccinate the GMR appointment list in the chronological order of their scheduled appointment. Please understand however, that those already requiring second doses must be given priority over the list of persons needing primary doses to ensure the success of the overall vaccination effort. Second doses will be automatically scheduled and administered by the health department. You will receive a vaccination card of that second dose appointment date. No further actions are required by you.

Please note that these vaccinations will take place at the Wildwood Community Center, on 6500 Powell Road (and not at the site where GMR was doing mass vaccination). Additional vaccination sites may need to be sourced in the future as the situation warrants.

Finally, for those of you waiting for your second dose from other vaccination opportunities previously conducted by the Sumter County Health Department, that re-supply process is moving forward smoothly. You will receive your second vaccination on the date that you were given.

Until you receive a vaccination opportunity, please follow the general medical guidance which will markedly lessen the likelihood of becoming infected with COVID-19:
• Wear a mask, particularly when participating in activities indoors
• Socially distance inter-personal contacts to the extent you are reasonably able
• Limit unnecessary exposure to crowds
• Avoid unnecessary travel
• Wash your hands, carry portable hand sanitizer

Together, through a combination of perseverance and caring, we will overcome the challenges of COVID-19.

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