Specialty Structure Contractor

"Specialty Structure Contractor" means a contractor whose scope of work and responsibility are limited to the execution of contracts requiring the experience, knowledge and skill necessary for the fabrication, assembling, handling, erection, installation, dismantling, adjustment, alteration, repair, servicing and design work when not prohibited by law in accordance with accepted engineering data and/or according to manufacturers specifications in the aluminum, metal, canvas, vinyl and fiberglass screening, and allied construction materials. The scope of such work shall include and be limited to fabric coverings on metal substructures, screened porches, screened enclosures, pool enclosures, preformed panel-post and beam roofs, mobile home panel roof-overs, residential glass window and door enclosures, vinyl panel window enclosures, single story self-contained aluminum utility storage structures (not to exceed 500 sq. ft.), siding soffit, fascia and gutters. The scope of such work shall include woodwork incidental to the aluminum and allied materials construction work. It shall be limited to the construction of wood framing for the walls of uninhabitable utility storage structures, raised wood decks for enclosures, and the repair and/or replacement of wood incidental to the installation of siding, soffit, fascia, gutters and preformed panel-post and beam roofs. The scope of such work shall include masonry concrete work and be limited to foundations, slabs and block kneewalls incidental to the aluminum and allied construction materials construction work. The specialty structure contractor, whose services are limited, shall not perform any work that alters the structural integrity of the building including but not limited to roof trusses, lintels, load bearing walls and foundations. The specialty structure contractor shall subcontract, with a license qualified contractor in the field concerned, all other work incidental to that which is defined herein but which is the work of a trade other than that of a specialty structure contractor. Nothing in this definition shall be construed to limit the scope of work of any specialty contractor certified pursuant to s.489.105 (3) and 489.113 (6).

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