Why does a fire truck come to my house when I call for an ambulance?

All of Sumter County Fire & EMS personnel are cross-trained as Firefighter/ EMT’s or Firefighter/Paramedics. All Sumter County Fire & EMS Fire Engines, Ladder Trucks and Ambulances are equipped to provide medical care.

Sumter County Fire & EMS sends the most appropriate unit(s) to emergencies based upon the adopted standards set by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (EMD & EFD). The most appropriate response for your emergency may be any combination of these resources.  

Some medical calls require additional personnel to provide treatment and moving of the patient for transport. In cases where the fire engine is closer than the ambulance and the emergency requires an immediate response, closest fire unit can arrive on scene and provide care until an ambulance arrives.

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2. Why does a fire truck come to my house when I call for an ambulance?
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