How do I become a Registered CPR Responder?

You should contact your community coordinator if your community is already an established PulsePoint AED community. If you’re unsure, or have any additional questions, please email

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1. What is a Registered CPR Responder?
2. How do I become a Registered CPR Responder?
3. How much does the PulsePoint application cost for my smartphone?
4. As a Sumter County citizen, how much do I pay for PulsePoint?
5. How do I learn more about the PulsePoint Responder Program?
6. Where are the PulsePoint orientation classes held?
7. What do I do if I stop receiving notifications on my device?
8. What are some common reasons why I’m not getting PulsePoint notifications?
9. What is the PulsePoint AED Registry?
10. Who owns the AEDs and what support will be provided by Sumter County?