Does the County recycle?
Although the County does not provide curbside recycling, recyclables are accepted at the Solid Waste Facility.

The Sumter County Citizens’ Drop-off Area has a Single-Stream Recycling Program and accepts the following recyclables at no cost to the residents of Sumter County:

1. Plastic Bottles #1 through #7
2. Steel Cans and Empty Aerosol Cans
3. Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Foil and Pie Tins
4. Flattened Cardboard
5. Mixed paper (including magazines, newsprint, junk mail, and office paper)
6. Paperboard (cereal boxes, snack boxes, etc.)

Other recyclables that are accepted at no charge:

1. Clean scrap metal
2. Batteries
3. Used oil
4. Oil filters (quantity of 1 to 4)

Single-Stream Recycling bins are located just to the south of the CDA building and are for pre-sorted recyclable household items.

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1. Does the County recycle?
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