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Adoption Application

  1. Adoption Application

    Applicants are required to visit the Animal Services office, then view the animal(s) if approved.

    **Please follow up on your adoption application status after submitting**

  2. Do you have any pets currently?*

  3. Have you ever been convicted of a crime involving an animal?

  4. Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter?

  5. How did you find this pet:

  6. Sumter County Animal Services reserves the right to deny anyone the ability to adopt an animal without explanation. In the event an applicant is applying to adopt a certain animal, Sumter County Animal Services reserves the right to assure the animal is matched with the best home for the owner and animal. I understand the requirements and agree to comply with local Animal Ordinances including sterilization (if needed), rabies vaccinations and licensing requirements.

  7. Please watch your email for our response to your application within 12 business hours of your Submission.

    You can call us at 352-689-4400 to check your application status.


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