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Building - Site Plan Request or Etrakit

  1. *No Residential Site Plans/Documents Are Available Prior To 2011*
  2. All construction documents since 2014 are attached in Etrakit, link below. All new construction documentation for the Villages, since 2011 is in Etrakit. Otherwise, please complete the form below. We attempt to process requests within two business days.

    To locate a site plan in etrakit.
    1. Create a public log in
    2. Search under permits
    3. Select search permits using the drop box
    4. Select parcel number or site address.
    5. Highlight the record from the results and click on it. Site plans are located under the permit information tab; scroll down to attachments and choose permit plans (usually the longest title of all attachments), site plan will be page 2.
    Requests will be processed in the order they were received.

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