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Building - Escrow Agreement - Building and Planning Permit Fees

  1. THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this

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  3. Whereas, the County, through its Development Services Department issues building and planning permits for a fee in connection with all building and planning activity within Sumter County, and Whereas, the County cannot extend credit to private parties, and Whereas, Applicant is a regular customer of the Department, and Whereas, Applicant desires to set up a procedure that would allow the County to bill the Applicant at the end of each month for Applicant's permit fees as opposed to requiring cash payment in advance on each permit, and Whereas, this will require a deposit of escrow funds to cover at least one months' billing for such services.

  4. Now therefore, the parties agree as follows:

  5. The amount of escrow shall be adjusted as necessary to ensure that sufficient funds are on hand to cover all fees due for any one month. Said escrow amount shall be held in escrow by the County to be applied toward the permit fees of the Applicant. Interest earned shall accrue to the County.

  6. 2. The escrow may be terminated at any time by request of the Applicant and all remaining funds and accrued interest shall be refunded to the Appliacnt.

  7. 3. No permit shall be issued by the Department for which there are insufficient escrow funds available. If there are insufficient funds in the escrow account, the Applicant may either increase the escrow amount prior to permit issuance or pay for the permits individually.

  8. 4. The County reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time and refund all funds held in escrow, Jess any amounts owing the County.

  9. Applicant Signature_______________________________________ Company Name__________________________

  10. Attest:
    Board of County Commissioners of Sumter County, Florida

  11. BY:____________________________________
    Bradley ARnold, County Administrator

  12. Please submit a copy of the Escrow Agreement along with a check to:
    ---Sumter County Building Services (7375 Powell Rd, Ste 115, Wildwood, FL 34785)

  13. Please be advised this form is for customer use only. Building Services will not track, monitor or receive a copy of this request. Enter a valid email below to receive a copy for your processing.

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