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Building - Submittal Requirements - Residential - Checklist


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  3. A: SITE

  4. 1. Complete Building Permit Application including parcel identification number or 911 address *Recorded deed if Property Appraisers does not show current owner

  5. 2. 2 copies of Survey or site plan drawn to scale showing the dimensions of the property, setbacks, easements, roads, wells, septic tank, existing structures and new improvements (include dimensions of improvements)

  6. 3. For Information purposes: If the new structure will be located in the A or AE Flood Zone, the structure will be required to be one foot above the determined BFE. Under construction & final construction Elevation Certificates will be required as proof of elevation.


  8. 1. 2 sets of signed and sealed building plans drawn to scale including floor plan, elevations, foundation plan, plumbing, electrical, mechanical layouts, construction details, and gas layout. Legend and schedules showing the square footage for conditioned and unconditioned space, wind load information, windows, door fasteners, Residential smoke alarm layout, etc.

  9. 2. 2 sets of truss fabrication layout sheets and the engineering for each roof or floor truss signed and sealed

  10. 3. 2 copies of Florida Energy Code Compliance forms- State Energy Code requirement with J forms

  11. 4. 2 copies of the Florida product approval numbers

  12. 5. 2 copies of the manufacturer's installation sheets for exterior doors, windows, siding, roofing material, tie-down strapping etc. (components of the exterior envelope)

  13. 6. Fire place dimensions and detail including manufacture's installation specs and chimney details, if applicable

  14. 7. Owner Builder affidavit, if applicable

  15. 8. Authorization from sub-contractors, if applicable

  16. 9. Driveway permit, if applicable

  17. 10. Septic permit-Required at permit pick up

  18. 11. Depending on scope of work, additional documentation may be required

  19. Online Submittals require one copy of documents listed above : Building plan documents that are required to be engineered must be electronically verifiable

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