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Agricultural Exemption Application

  1. Property must have an agricultural exemption placed on the property by the Sumter County Property Appraiser’s Office before submitting this application.
  2. Florida Statutes 604.50 exempts nonresidential farm buildings from the Florida Building Code and any county or municipal code except for code provisions implementing local, state or federal floodplain management regulations. Examples of nonresidential farm buildings covered by this exemption include barns, greenhouses, shade house, farm office, storage building or poultry house.
  3. The structure will not be used as a residential dwelling unit, for personal storage, for care or sheltering of animals for personal use, and will be used ONLY for bona fide agricultural purposes.
    You MUST initial each of the following standard statements to note that you have read the statement and understand that failure to abide by this may result in forfeiting your exemption status.
  5. Owner Verification:
    I have read the above and will comply.
  6. Upon approval you will receive a green plaque to identify this exemption. A copy of this approved application can be submitted to your power company to receive electrical power on this structure if desired.
  7. Internal use only:
    Agricultural exempt classification per Sumter County Property Appraiser verified by staff:

    Approved _____________________________

    Exemption number AG_____________________________

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