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Temporary Use Permit (TUP) Application: Commercial (Fireworks Tent, Tree Tent, or Construction Office), Residential and Events ( Festival, Circus)

  1. Type of Permit Requesting (Fee due upon approval)
  2. Applicant Information:
  3. Property Information:
  4. Please provide documents as follows:

  5. This document is required for all applications.

    1. Deed or other proof of ownership

    The following documents are required on Commercial and Event applications

    2. Fire retardant certificate for tent.

    3. Signed authorization, if applicant is not the land owner

    4. Lease agreement, if applicable

    5. Site plan/sketch showing boundaries of intended use, bathroom facilities, traffic flow, setbacks, all structures (including tents), sanitation, parking areas, vehicular and pedestrian access, distance between tent and all other items, including any generators. 6. Road approval, if applicable (State roads require FDOT approval and county roads require Sumter County Public Works approval)

    7. Floor plan showing locations and dimensions of all egress pathways, displays, fire extinguishers, exits, exit signage, egress path lighting

    8. Tent anchored in an approved manner.

    In addition to the above documents these are required if Event applications is for Fireworks

    10. Vendor license and registration information in accordance with Florida Statute 791.

    11. Product manifest. Note all sparklers must appear on the State Fire Marshal’s list of approved sparklers.

    Residential - Only documents in items 1, 3, and 5 are required.

  6. As the owner/agent, I understand Sumter County’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code will govern any action on my application and payment of the nonrefundable application fee will not guarantee approval.
  7. Please click submit. Our staff will contact you within 48 hours. Please watch your email for our response.
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