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Sumter County Veterans Benefits Unit Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Prior to rating your satisfaction with our services, please remember that we ARE NOT the VA Hospital in Gainesville, the VA clinic in The Villages, or the VA Claims Office in St. Petersburg. We DO NOT approve or deny claims. Our goal is to assist Veterans and their in applying for the benefits from the VA.

    Thank you for your feedback on our services.

  2. Staff was responsive to my needs
  3. Staff treated me with respect and courtesy
  4. The Veterans Service Officer provided individual attention to my issues.
  5. I was asked appropriate questions to aid in obtaining my earned benefits.
  6. Staff has a solid understanding of VA benefits and processes
  7. Staff responded promptly to my question, phone inquiries, and other contacts.
  8. The Veterans Service Officer answered my questions both clearly and professionally.
  9. The Veterans Service Officer spent sufficient time with me to fully understand my needs.
  10. Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to give us your valuable feedback.
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